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Only With Harvest & Plume and The Cannabis Sessions.

Photos By In-House Photographer - Cesar Benavides

World CBD Awards have been postponed until October 2022.  We continue to wear the finalist crown for Best CBD Magazine with pride and look forward to Barcelona in October.  Learn about all events to attend in this issue!

We celebrate World Forgiveness Day while Potency No. 710 educates us on the importance of ingredients in your sunscreen and skincare.

Speaking of education, Dr. Eric Mitchell shares his perspectives on a "missing link" meant to keep us healthy and balanced.

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Thistle Therapies unveils the difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC. Good to know for health, lifestyle, and travel. 

Invincibowl sheds light on the different metals used for water pipes.  Perfect for either flower consumer - hemp or marijuana.  

Find out how comedian Ron White improved his life and became sober, starting with an ayahuasca journey.


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The Pipeline: Strategies and Element Apothec
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