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Only With Harvest & Plume and The Cannabis Sessions.

Photos By In-House Photographer - Cesar Benavides

Growth continues as partnership developments are finalized with the LUV Brand, Drone Corps, and additional Alt-Fi funding providers.  And that's not even talking about exporting Sales PEO brands to Peru. Dr. Eric Mitchell shares his insight for the global acceptance of cannabinoids.

Asa Waldstein shares labeling & packaging insight that is invaluable to brands and consumers, alike. 

Learn how ionizing keeps you and your spaces free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, & mold.

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Get familiar with Blue Lotus tea, new from Herba Rosa; while learning the many ways to consume Cannabis, thanks to Potency No. 710.  Meanwhile, Ital Steam Chalice details herbal blends and ideal vaping temperatures for you to explore in your plant-based journey to health.  

Dr. Michael Geci candidly shares his experience with the government and Cannabis reform.

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The Pipeline: Strategies Proudly Announces
Partnership With Drone Corps 
Internship Opportunities


Now Available!

We created a Sales PEO to get your products & services in consumer hands. 

 That's a dedicated sales team - D2C, B2B, Enterprise, Wholesale, Proprietary Licensing


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